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otto's war room banner

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Birthday of Chairman Gonzalo and celebration of the Day of the People's Liberation Army!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
December 3, 2015

From Peru People's Movement:

The Peru People's Movement (RC) reaffirm ourselves in our firm, voluntary, conscious and unconditional subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, the creative application of our universal ideology to the specific conditions of the Peruvian revolution. The PPM (RC) extends its warmest communist salutes to the heroic proletariat and people of Peru, to all the militants and combatants of our Party, our People's Liberation Army and the New Power, as well as the whole international proletariat, all the oppressed peoples and the communists and revolutionaries of the world. We extend our salute to the communists and masses that develop the heroic people's wars and armed struggles of resistance in India, Turkey and other places. In celebration of this date we published the English translation of our important statement: “On the Current Situation: We condemnand repudiate the war of imperialist aggression against the Middle East!”

Peru People's Movement (RC)

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