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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Translated from Spanish to English with Google;

"Fighting is to survive, to make peace is to perish" is the conclusion of the supporters of the resistance; "Make peace is to survive fight is to perish" is the conclusion of supporters of peace. "[1]
Chairman Mao Tse-tung

The fact that the FARC has signed a peace treaty with the Colombian government does not draw attention. While it is true he has been fighting about for 50 years, half of these has been proposed "ceasefire" "ceasefire", "create dialogue tables", "build peace", "bilateral ceasefire "" unilateral ceasefire "etc., etc.

In 1982, under the regime of Belisario Betancourt, the FARC and the state managed to define mechanisms that approached a series of talks for "peace", giving openness to a political practice that disconcerted not only their partners (the old State Colombia) guerrillas but the rest of Latin America.

Betancourt in 1984 achieved the demobilization of some combatants of the FARC and these give way to the formation of the Patriotic Union (UP), a strategy that argued the creation of "legal front" constitutionalist; a dangerous political duality that ended the lives of the majority of its members.

With Gaviria was no different and with Pastrana alone (1998). In fact, here the FARC achieve the rule deliver them an important area in Caqueta [2], all to create the environment to allow converge on the so-called "peace." Obviously, progress was made on the issue but failed to materialize. And so to this day where the "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" was subject to a certain death and in fact apparently already took shape and found his niche within the space of political mobility of bourgeois democracy.

We might consider that the origins of the FARC in Marquetalia reflected an objective effort to hold a fair peasant war, expressing the deep contradictions between large landowners and landless peasants. The feudal and semi-feudal relations of production pervivían then lined the way to go.

While this was a bourgeois democratic exercise, it is clear that the absence of a correct address class made the process gradually take different paths to nest in the small bourgeois reformism and he mimics the pseudo-Marxist discourse.

Possibly the ideological mutation FARC becomes dramatic when they decide to align with one of the most protervas expressions of revisionism: Khrushchev and other satraps of the imperialist social reaction. It is important to say that did not lose the perspective of Guevarism, hence the spirit of wandering and suicidal underestimation of the role of the masses in the revolutionary war.

The "Bolivarian revolution" was, in terms ideological which has strengthened this revisionist catalyst to get them to the tail of the big bourgeoisie, the big landowners, pandering to imperialism with its Latin American strategy of "demobilization of armed movements" and of course, the Castro revisionism not yield in its efforts to remain the midwife of disenchantment.

The important military structure of this guerrilla and no less talkative firepower has puzzled many revolutionaries in the world. The radicality in the method has been useful to disguise the ideological rickets. That is, radicals with ideology-weak weapons. reformist-revolutionary strength squalor.

Away are the FARC have been a revolutionary guerrilla. His reformism has been exposed permanently. Perhaps the latest statements from his commander, Timoleon Jimenez (Timoshenko) have the ability to simplify their political and ideological essence:

 "... This is not a process that is aimed against entrepreneurship. This is not a process that is aimed to overthrow the Colombian government, is a process that is trying to create the conditions for transformations occurring in Colombia to let us kill ideas that everyone defends "

"... What we want is a Colombia to develop. The productive forces develop. We need to rescue the domestic industry, we rescue the riches ... "

As they say lawyers, "a confession of a party relay tests." It is obvious that this speech is not new, is not a product of the FARC living situation, or at least its spurious command, this has been the political sense that has been dragging for decades. Nor against employers, nor against the state. "To develop the productive forces", how interesting, Nomás they forget that within these productive forces there are relations of production and that these relations generate irreconcilable antagonisms and that they can only be solved with revolutionary violence, or we will have to ask the big bourgeoisie, the big landowners and imperialism if they are willing to put aside their interests without a fight bloody resistance (?).

 Already in practice things they were not displayed different. Successful enough that analysis that make the comrades of the UOC (Workers Union of Colombia) that the FARC ended disputing landowners, state, paramilitary (etc.) the extraordinary ground rent, beating out two big losers: the poor and the wage laborer peasantry. In fact anti reformism became popular, and certainly anti proletarian.

You can not ignore those great military campaigns waged by the FARC that did not aim to destroy and build, to generate power at all, basically those fights only pointed to become true mechanisms of pressure to induce the distinction successive governments attend famous affable negotiating table in the interests of the command conditions.

But you have to see exactly what is behind the "pacification" of the FARC. In this regard we have no doubt it is to mimic the defeat of the armed revisionism in Colombia in an apparent "stagnation of war" [3]. That's the point, without underestimating the fact that the armed movements of this order, for now, are not functional to imperialism nor the reaction using them as a pretext to unleash the most ruthless repression against the just popular rebellion him, and Ideological and organizationally this DISARM THE class and the masses.

The demobilization of the FARC rises from the speech of the false bourgeois peace which contrasts totally and antagonistically with the just and legitimate desire to have the masses of peace, but not one that stated Obama, Raul and Fidel Castro, Santos, his general and the FARC [4], but the peace is won by eliminating production relations that generate exploitation, shame, misery, hunger, pain. The masses, and in them most particularly the proletariat, claim the peace that involves multilateral termination of this comprehensive violence, multifaceted, which generates a country subjected by imperialism and incompatible productive regime with historical requirements of workers and other masses exploited.

We must highlight an important issue. Not that the proletariat and peoples of the world because we acongojemos demobilize the FARC or regret they do and why they shout capitulators !, traitors !, as I do (from a unilateral position) would assume your control program , forms of organization, combat and especially its base or ideological foundation was right, or even more, the masses are to be "orphan" of revolutionary leadership, NO !, WHATSOEVER !; anyway to those who have betrayed it has been his own comrades and obviously the people of Colombia that the story of this revolution (Bolivarian) swallowed and generously gave their blood at the end of account has been trafficked to strengthen the bourgeois thesis the false universality of the state conceptions, peace, democracy, freedom, and of course, the political greed of their commanders with dog dreams look like Congress or sitting on the other bureaucratic apparatus of the old state.

We do not doubt that at the base and middle management sectors FARC has truly committed to his people. But that commitment will lose totally sense if it is not run by the correct ideological line (proletarian), but has the support of a correct Communist Party, on a platform of consistent struggle with the Colombian reality and of course, on the basis of the People's War. Persist in what has hitherto been the FARC will be as enliven a political corpse after a few steps and fall back reissue new agreement will soon be presented.


The impact of the capitulation of the FARC in Ecuador has a lot of weight, perhaps more than in other countries.

Ecuador has historically been the "back room" of the Colombian guerrillas. The support it has given to this guerrilla "revolutionary" Ecuadorian has been mixed. Hoxista efforts PLA revisionism who stayed in the PCMLE and did not become a revisionist monstrosity but no light, no clarity, no ability to penetrate within our people. Later the M19 generated AVC, a jarring organization that repeated step by step what his mentor. The ELN and its impact on small groups that never matured or finished off because we must recognize the Colombian guerrilla transmitting the full format: ideology, forms of organization, armed proposal and of course, many other defects that have become tight obstacle to the development of real revolutionary processes in the country.

Ecuadorian revolutionaries have been bound to be a logistical tool for the Colombian guerrillas, its strategic rear.

The message that sends the FARC and all his acolytes in the country is the peace, the bourgeois-landlord peace, peace of disarmament but that leaves absolutely open all the wounds can not be healed by the electoral, bureaucratic privileges, constitutional.

The country already left the revisionists to cast their vaunted arguments intended to justify what happened in Colombia, but beyond that, to confuse the masses and the class on their fundamental tasks facing organize and prepare the People's War as and valid only mechanism for the destruction of the old state and the construction of new power track.

The PCMLE: "The armed struggle as a way to seize power has not failed; political and social circumstances force prioritize other forms of struggle of the masses to allow greater and more rapid accumulation of forces to seize power. "

The Ecuadorian Communist Party: "We welcome the successful peace processes in Colombia. This ceasefire is the beginning of a change in Colombian sister country. "

The Ecuadorian Socialist Party: "One Colombia without armed conflict will be a great opportunity for democratic consolidation and crystallization of the enormous economic potential of the country (...) Peace is an old and deep longing of Colombian society, its realization requires the expectant society abandon its stance and actively participate in its construction. "

And under that same tenor other sectors of revisionism and opportunism release their vomiting that spread the apparent benefits of the "democratic participation, peace," Farewell to Arms ".

The message that sends the demobilization of the FARC through its Ecuadorian spokesmen is the impracticality of revolutionary violence, to the end, for them, 50 years of war has not stopped but only destruction and victims, reducing the problem of war tara and his ideological war strategy outdated and inconsistent with the reality of our peoples.

The message of the demobilization of the FARC collecting the regime of fascist Correa is that not everyone will surrender their weapons and must be standing alert the armed forces to neutralize the series of criminal gangs that are to be formed and "come to the country to commit crimes". That's what you think the correísta regime fighters of the FARC, who are "potential criminals". And under the repressive apparatus that argument continue gulping the national budget and give free rein to their repressive voracity with those who we do not agree with that "peace".

About related to the FARC, fascist Correa, a few weeks ago purposes, he announced the country that the government would become an interlocutor between the paramilitary regime Santos and Che Guevara ELN guerrillas to overtake demobilization talks in Ecuador.
The knowledge of the ELN, the knowledge of the narco-paramilitary government of Santos, the knowledge of the fascist Correa, our people and their vanguard class, the proletariat, rejects the presence of delegates of the old state of Colombia and ELN members in national territory using it as a base of imperialism to deploy its strategy of disarmament of peoples and delegitimize the use of arms as a legitimate right of the exploited.


The role that has fulfilled the putrid Cuban leadership throughout this process has been crucial.

For several years Fidel Castro has been dedicated to delegitimize the use of violence to seize power. Not only that, the qualifies of extemporaneous and not infrequently aroused the FARC to lay down their arms. No different Raul Castro, who apparently took on the task of tending the demobilization of armed opposition groups as an imperialist mandate and seeks to demarcate the distances between revolutionary violence and the transformation of society, of course, behind this is to be complacent and benevolent with US foreign policy.

As our people say, "incendiaries firefighters." This is essential in the analysis, it must be assessed in its proper dimension the role that it has met the Cuban revisionism in the demobilization of armed processes in Latin America, and it must be said, even from the revisionism have done so well that no we doubt Obama and imperialism must be so happy, as much as Santos, Timoshenko, and the entire reaction the planet. In other words, what has not been able or wanted to do the bourgeois army of Colombia Castro has done since its oracle of revisionism.

The Fariano speech manifests unique, different, and even "guarantor of peace". But worth asking, does the number of political-military organizations, parties, armed movements and demobilized in Colombia not hawking the same?

The PLA (hoxista), the Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), the Quintin Lame Armed Movement, the ADO (Self-Defense Obrera), the Ricardo Franco, the M19, the FARC and the ELN that sooner or later it will because that is the nature of the petty bourgeoisie.

All these organizations ended up taking the idea that under the umbrella of bourgeois democracy could do politics and conquer the once objectives set out with weapons. Too bad they realized too late because by left the vital efforts of courageous sons of the people who believed in the revolutionary slogans of the guerrilla commanders who knew that the corollary to their wars ended in the gallows of the old democracy and in it, the bureaucratic way.


It would seem that with the demobilization of the FARC the path of armed struggle in Latin America closes. At least that is what they will disclose to the four winds imperialism, Castro and the reaction from another perspective the Movadef entrenched in Peru.

But hyenas are dreams, dreams of reformism, dreams of imperialism.

Violence is not the heritage of the old state, much less of revisionism. The People's War, that if heritage of the proletariat, and must be understood well. Today the FARC to throw ravine is not a problem, the problem is in what to do? And you have to start there. Lenin simplified it masterfully, the subject of the instrument, the Party. Build and ideologically strengthen a communist party that meets the historical tasks of the proletariat to address specific objectives as have the instruments to the revolution, to organize the People's War within the village, untie unceremoniously against the enemies of the class and the people; destroy the old state and replace it with the new, the new power.

And on that task the proletariat of Colombia has advanced enough, there is only forge, persist, build, persist; the People's War will do the rest, we doubt not the case in Colombia, in Ecuador, in Latin America, in the world.

Once again ENDORSES THE THESIS THE CHAIRMAN MAO: revisionism is the main danger of revolution.
LONG LIVE MARXISM-Leninism-Maoism!

[1][1] Mao Tse-tung, CONTRA LAS ACTIVIDADES CAPITULADORAS. Obras Escogidas de Mao Tse-tung Tomo II,
[2] [2]42 mil kilómetros cuadrados en San Miguel del Caguán.
[3] [3]La tesis del llamado “estancamiento de la guerra” ya fue expuesta por el revisionismo armado en El Salvador, en los años 80´ del siglo pasado. Bajo esta figura se patrocina la idea del “diálogo”, la “paz”. Un  burdo argumento en el que de la noche a la mañana la guerrilla se da cuenta de que no puede derrotar las fuerzas vivas del enemigo, pero eso sí, que éstas tampoco pueden derrotar a la insurgencia. Pierden la perspectiva de la guerra y caen en la estrategia del enemigo que propugna precisamente eso, seducir a los comandantes para que puedan acceder al Congreso o Asamblea, y obvio, éstos arrastran a sus combatientes a la ilusión democrático-burguesa.
[4] Curiosamente Obama, Raúl Castro, Santos y las FARC coinciden en los propósitos, argumentos y viabilidad de la paz bajo una premisa fundamental: la legitimación de la democracia como instrumento político que permite el acceso a las distintas corrientes ideológicas sin que su geometría se vea alterada en absoluto. Las FARC se da modos, de un plumazo (por lo menos lo intenta mientras el discurso le sea funcional a su viejo reformismo), de mandar al carajo las tesis marxistas sobre el carácter de clase que tiene la democracia, el estado, etc.

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