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Thursday, December 21, 2017

US- For most of us President Trump's tax reforms have given us a lump of coal in our stockings

The so called Christmas present (tax changes) by our pathetic excuse for a president, Donald Trump is a great big gift to the wealthy corporations and the 1 percent of our population who already have most of the country's money. For the middle class they get a temporary tax break and in the long run, their gift is like a lump of coal.[1] Their taxes will actually go up. The Corporate giveaway is permanent. Much of the mainstream news media is crowing about this being a big win for the Republicans as if this is really good for the whole country. For most of the lower income people this new tax code is a real kick in the groin.
There is nothing to celebrate for those of us who make less than $70,000 a year. People at the lower ends, such as teachers, actually lose tax deductions they used to have. And the President is so happy and proud that he has further destroyed health insurance of many lower income people in this country. Any one who makes less than $30,000 a year and supports this guy really should check into a mental health facility. Supposedly all that new wealth will trickle down. That didn't work for Reagan and it has been a miserable failure under out inept Governor Sam Brownback. But it is a great excuse to give generous gifts to the wealthy and the expense of all the rest of us.
So this is no Merry Christmas for the 99 percent of people who the President just screwed over.

[1] They used to tell us that Santa Clause brings children who are bad, a lump of coal rather than toys or presents on Christmas. 

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