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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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"Prisoners of war, like the character 
From history, they  continue to win battles
Beyond death,  therefore,  we live and fight 
And we are conquering  new victories. "
 -Chairman Gonzalo

June 19 has been a milestone of heroism, courage and courage of the  heroes   of the People's War in Peru and historical references of the international proletariat.

Precisely on that date, June 19, 1986, the old State of Peru, represented by the fascist government of Alan Garcia, committed one of the most execrable genocides that history has ever known against prisoners of war.

The successful development of the People's War led by the Communist Party of Peru from May 17, 1980, soon began to materialize its objectives: the destruction part by the old Peruvian State and the old society that represents and defends, that is, semi-feudalism, bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism, the hard blows to the hyenas of reaction and the crushing of revisionism in Peru.

The answer was immediate. By May 1986 there were eight thousand seven hundred murders carried out by the old State. Displaced masses, children of the people disappeared, others, buried in mass graves, mass murders against the peasant population. The cruelty focused on the prisoners of war, because to some extent the fascist, starving and genocidal regime of Alan García considered them an easy target given their status as prisoners.
Genocide that the people faced wasting heroicity, being the heroic resistance of the luminous trenches of combat what became the symbol of this great resistance of the people.

The levels of organization that the PCP managed to develop in the dungeons of the reaction transforming them into Luminous Combat Trench. Those who contributed to develop people's war despite the conditions of disadvantage with the enemy, but strengthened by the communist morality that had an element that enhanced it to reach levels of heroism to all test, rarely known by mankind: to be endowed with the Higher ideological expression that has managed to develop the class to our days: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought and precisely that, the Gonzalo Thought and having been forged by Chairman Gonzalo, Gonzalo's red soldiers, which made it possible to have the necessary arrests challenge death.

The APRA regime, corporate and fascist, spared no brutality against the prisoners of war. Legal arbitrariness was not enough to print long sentences that compromised, in most cases, life imprisonment for many of the militants, fighters and masses of the Communist Party of Peru and the Popular Guerrilla Army. The hyenas of the reaction saw the need to resort to torture, to selective murder, in fact, Alan García, going against the most elementary legal norms of his own State, attacked the prisoners of war with only one objective. : the most infamous and bloody genocide of prisoners of war.

But there is an important fact to highlight, although it is true that the reaction unleashed all his campaign of annihilation with thousands of soldiers and police armed with heavy weapons, tanks, helicopters, gunships and others, at the front found strong guerrillas willing to steel willing to immolate themselves, to deliver their lives not before having offered the most beautiful and sacrificed armed resistance, that even in the midst of disproportion in terms of armament, positions and strategic conditions, after causing important losses to the enemy, 250 communists delivered their valuable lives for the people, the party, the revolution and all of us who today continue to brandish Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Gonzalo Thought as a strategy of power for the international proletariat,bringing us an important political, military and moral victory.

Without kneeling down, without asking for mercy, without giving up, under the clear slogan that here nobody surrenders! Gonzalo's forge showed the world the ideological force that moves the communists of a new type, a clear example of how to tear out lauros from victory to death whose example endures and transmutes in time in those who today fight in India, the Philippines, Turkey and in Peru; in the struggle generated in every corner of the world by the constitution or reconstitution of communist parties, with comrades willing to transform the world and follow the example of those fighters in the bright trenches of combat.

This heroic act of the class that only ideology and people's war can generate will never go unnoticed by the international proletariat, nor the responsibility that the fascist government of Alan Garcia had with the complicity of Yankee and Chinese imperialism in the massacre. but also of the revisionism of the Second International that in those days of the massacre carried out its international congress in Lima with Willi Brandt, Gonzáles, Andrés Párez and all that pack of lackeys of the bourgeoisie.

Today we commemorate the death in combat of prisoners of war in Peru, in a scenario in which the the sole hegemonic superpower, Yankee imperialism, in collusion and struggle with the other atomic superpower, Russia, and the other imperialist powers, unleash the aggression of the oppressed nations of the Third World, instrumentalizing peoples to materialize the new distribution of the planet. We do it precisely when the new wave of the world proletarian revolution confronts new scenarios of struggle in the Philippines, India, Turkey and Peru, where the people's war continues despite the series of difficulties, the advances and the curves all in the middle of the struggle of two lines that has gained an extraordinary strength and need with the advance in the process of Reorganization of the PCP; where the struggle against neo-revisionism is strengthened and demanded to be crushed with all our strength and class hatred. In the middle of the determined fight against the opportunism and the hoaxes of the reaction that permanently emits its black vomit of which the popular war in Peru has been defeated. In a context in which the reconstitution and constitution of communist parties committed to building the instruments for revolution and developing people's war until communism grows quickly firm in its purposes.

Today we commemorate one of the most important combats the class has undertaken in the history of the international proletariat claiming the importance of the right leadership at the head of the new type of communist party, raising the banners of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, of Gonzalo Thought, and the decisive importance in the development of this new revolutionary wave in the world.

Today we also raise our voice in solidarity with all revolutionary prisoners. We reject and condemn the old Indian State with the reactionary Modi at the head, which has intensified its assault against communists, revolutionaries, and democratic activists of the Indian people. Solidarity with the prisoners of war of the TKP-ML inside and outside of Turkey, solidarity with the prisoners of the Communist Party of the Philippines and solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, and of all the revolutionary struggles of the people.

We stand in solidarity preparing more firmly the ideological and organic international unity, and preparing or developing more people's war only way in which we can end the genocides and sweep away imperialism and the reaction of the face of the earth.

It is written in history, the experience of struggle of the international proletariat has taught us that the cruel actions and crimes that the enemy applies to the class and the people do not stifle the revolution, on the contrary, it spurs it, it vivifies it, because it persists in the struggle to victory is the logic of the people no matter how much and what sacrifice is to be made. This has always been the case, until the conquest of Golden Communism.






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