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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Modi Government has murdered many Maoists in India

It wasn't long ago I saw a book offered by Comrade Ajitha on Maoist Road. I have also read some of his other writings. Since then he was captured by the Indian Government. I assumed he would be kept in prison most of his life. But I didn't realize the Indian Government, under Narendra Modi  just kills its opposition leaders. Ajitha is now dead. The authorities had no intention of keeping him alive. The Modi government is fascist and murderous and we can see that by how many of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) leaders Modi his killed. We are dealing with a very murderous government. -  សតិវ អតុ

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Communist Blogs Network (RBC) has translated a statement from the Communist Party of India  (Maoist) late last year, although recently published, condemning the cold-blooded murder of Comrade Kuppusamy, a member of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Special Zone Committee of the Western Ghats, and Comrade Ajitha, a member of the Special Zone Committee and charged with the urban movement in Tamil Nadu, who were brutally detained and killed by the infamous local and state mercenary forces near the village Of Kalkulam, in the service of Hindu fascism.

The communiqué also condemns the collaborationism of the  revisionist Communist Marxist Party (PCM), which governs in Kerala, led by Pinarayi Vijayan, who, while the Indian population and masses suffer repression of Hindu fascism "is dedicated to making theater, acclaiming , On the one hand, to the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro after his death and organizing commemorations throughout the state and, on the other hand, going from the hand of the national-Hindu-fascist central government of Narendra Modi to root out the ascendant movement Revolutionary leader of the CPI (Maoist). "



December 15, 2016


On 24 November 2016, Comrade Kuppusamy, a member of the Central Committee and Secretary of   the Special Committee of the Western Ghats Zone, and Comrade Ajitha, a member of the Special Zone Committee and charged with the urban movement in Tamil Nadu, were detained alive And brutally murdered by the infamous local and state mercenary forces near the village of Kalkulam in the wooded area of ​​Nilambur in the district of Malappuram in the state of Kerala. The police, as is usual in these cases, stated that "a special forces patrol was attacked by the Maoists. In response, police forces were forced to use their weapons and two people were killed. " Far from being so, it was treated, within the framework of low intensity conflict policies, Of a perfectly planned execution of two leaders whose purpose is to liquidate the Maoist Party. Due to the health problems of the comrades martyrs, the nadugani squad had camped in that area with very few personnel. Hundreds of heavily armed special forces attacked the camp, captured both living comrades, tortured and brutally murdered them. Following this incident, police unleashed an unusual campaign of terror and Goebbelsian propaganda against the Maoist Party throughout Kerala, threatening the local population not to support the Maoists. They have also threatened the relatives of the comrades martyrs.

Meanwhile, the revisionist Marxist Communist Party (PCM), which governs Kerala and heads the fascist Pinarayi Vijayan, is engaged in theater, acclaiming, on the one hand, the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro after his death and organizing commemorations for The whole state and, on the other, going from the hand of the national-Hindu-fascist central government of Narendra Modi to root out the ascendant revolutionary movement that directs the PCI (Maoist) in the tri-border zone of the Western Ghats. They dream awake if they think they can end the revolutionary movement by killing their leaders. A revolutionary party does not disappear because of the death of its leaders because its guide is the scientific theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. They forget the bitter lesson they received from the people of Midnapore, In West Bengal. They try to prevent the oppressed masses from advancing on the revolutionary path. No doubt the day will come when the people will give them their last lesson.Antipopular elements will soon fall.

Comrade Kuppusamy (Manju, Prasad) was born to a poor and oppressed Dalit family in the district of Krishnagiri in the state of Tamil Nadu. After completing his studies, he worked for L & T in Bangalore, Karnataka state. He came into contact with the Party in 1979-80. He was one of the core members of the former PW party of Karnataka. The latter later became the State Committee, of which Comrade Kuppusamy was a member. As leader, he organized the masses of Karnataka in different matters. In particular it devoted itself to the task of organizing the workers and the broad masses of the oppressed in the city of Bangalore and its environs. In 1992, he stood firm on the side of the Party in the struggle against the opportunist Kondappalli Seetharamaiyya, Former secretary of the former People's War Party. He was elected secretary of the Karnataka State Committee in 1993, a member of the Central Committee at the IX Congress of 2001 and re-elected at the Unification Congress of 2007, held after the merger of the PCI (Maoist). He worked as a member of the Southwest Regional Office and developed the Party in the southern states. He particularly espoused the national aspirations of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. He brilliantly analyzed the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from a Marxist perspective and tried to organize a broad movement of solidarity with them. He gave himself to the task of energizing the revolutionary movement in the southern states of the country, somewhat stagnant, And played an important role in fighting the opportunist line that had become an obstacle in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, bringing the Party back to the revolutionary path. He strongly defended Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in situations of extraordinary complexity, in the midst of revolts and upheavals, of ups and downs and even of the betrayal of renegades opposed to the development of the revolutionary movement in southern India, where Comrade Kuppusamy dared to To open a war front in the tri-border zone of the Western Ghats. He actively contributed to the union of all true revolutionary forces and played an important role in the fusion of the PCI (Maoist) and the Marxist-Leninist PCI (Naxalbari). He was a revolutionary intellectual of the proletariat who, unlike bourgeois intellectuals,

Comrade Ajitha (Kaveri) was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He came into contact with the Party in the early 1990s and was a leader of the Tamil Nadu Pennurimai Kazhagam women's organization.He led many struggles against violence against women and incorporated many of them into the revolutionary path. When the Party in Tamil Nadu suffered heavy losses in 2002, it went underground and began to lead mass urban organizations. In particular, it participated actively in the organization of several trade union disputes. He played a leading role in fighting the opportunist line that emerged in Tamil Nadu. Although his partner joined the opportunist line and abandoned the fight, Ajitha stood firm beside the Party. Ajitha fought relentlessly against male domination both within and outside the Party. Following the fall of four members of the Special Zone Committee in Coimbatore, police tried to stop her several times. According to the guidelines of the Special Zone Committee, Ajitha remained in the jungle, directing the urban movement.


To this day, hundreds and thousands of people struggle throughout the country against the antipopular policies of central government of fascist Modi, backed by Brahmanico-Hindu fascism.All these people are well aware that the CPI (Maoist) is the only revolutionary party that can liberate the working masses from the appalling social situation in which they live. The oppressed throughout the country are increasingly organized under the leadership of the PCI (Maoist), which is why the ruling classes have been adopting various repressive and propaganda tactics in order to liquidate the Party. They have even sought to appease all kinds of popular and democratic struggles, diverting attention from growing social discontent. It is true that the martyrdom of the two leading comrades, Kuppusamy and Ajitha, Is a serious loss not only for the movement of the Western Ghats but also for the rest of the country. But a revolutionary party always outgrows losses. These two exemplary leaders gave their invaluable lives for the liberation of the working masses of hunger, poverty and oppression. They lived and sacrificed their lives for the noble cause of Communism, for the ideals of a classless society. Once again they showed the glorious path of our martyrs, their commitment to the Cause and the people, their disinterest, their swimming countercurrently, their willingness to endure any deprivation, their Bolshevik spirit. And they demonstrated it when the central and state fascist governments unfolded their infamous forces to crush the flourishing revolutionary movement in the trifronteriza zone of the Western Ghats. His sacrifice will not be in vain. The revolutionary red flag is increasingly being shed by the blood of thousands of heroic martyrs in the course of fighting the enemy. The people and the guerrilla will give resolute fulfillment to the dreams of our martyrs with the due answer to the enemy. The Central Committee of PCI (Maoist) strongly condemns the brutal murders of comrades Kuppusamy and Ajitha and calls on the workers, peasants, students, young people, intellectuals, oppressed nationalities and oppressed sectors of society, including Dalits, The adivasis and the religious minorities,

Revolutionary greetings,

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