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Friday, November 24, 2017

EPP: Statement from Commander Alcides Oviedo from the dungeons of the Paraguayan State

The successes of the guerrilla struggle and the complete failure of counterrevolutionary military operations expose the putrefaction of the power of the Paraguayan ruling classes, as well as demonstrate the invincible strength of the people and their vanguard revolutionary organization: The EPP. In Paraguay we are in struggle for a true popular revolution. The repercussions of this heroic struggle go beyond the borders of our country and arouse the admiration and appreciation of the peoples.
Since its inception, the Government of Horacio Cartes undertook an offensive on all fronts against us. Large-scale military operations punished the rebellious population in the north of the country. Hundreds of peasant houses became taperas because their inhabitants had to flee from the government repression. The agents of the narco-government killed women, the elderly, young people and children, but they did not manage to stifle the guerrilla movement. On the contrary, the counterrevolutionary terror only managed to inflame it even more. Nowadays the clothes vendors of North Paraguay are happy. Young people and even children look for where to buy camouflaged clothing to fit the EPP style. Despite the threats of being prosecuted, they are not intimidated. Meanwhile, the guerrillas, in bitter and unequal combat, in which the enemy is superior in number and in material they continue to win victories. The successes of the guerrilla struggle and the complete failure of the counterrevolutionary forces lead to a state of hysteria, of hatred, of savagery never seen by the agents of the Government. They get angry with imprisoned comrades. Fraguan lawsuits, invent crimes. Delirious and delight in their delusions.
We, the epepistas, will not start crying because of the hatred of our enemies. And they will not be able to prevent us from declaring categorically that whatever they do will not stop the irrepressible revolutionary advance. Prosecutor Joel Cazal and Judge Hernán Centurión are saying that they want to kill them. There are men worthy of the death penalty for their convictions, but I would not count among these men or Judge Centurion or Prosecutor Cazal. I am convinced that the right to capital punishment is given by talent and you do not have any of that. When the talents were handed out, you will be gone, I suppose because of cowards. They are not worth the value of bullets. I am very frank with you. Do not be offended They are well domesticated homunculi, but - and all Paraguayans are witnesses - of very little talent. To write of little men like you, you need enormous resistance against nuisance. I declare that I do not have much. And frankly I consider it pointless to argue with you. I do not like to lose my time in uselessness. I have other rats to gouge. You will think they are important. Good. I can not deny them the right to praise themselves. But let me tell you: they are praising nothing else.

Some time ago some colleagues asked me to write something about these characters, but I had neither the desire nor time to do such an unpleasant task. It was with a multitude of practical activities, and above all, theoretical questions in which to occupy my thoughts.
As some of you may know, I grew up near the mighty Paraná River. In my childhood I was a fisherman. In this activity I have seen fishermen of different characters and in the moments of storm they show what they really are. Some fishermen, seeing that the storm is coming, deploy all their energies, encourage their companions and boldly straighten the bow of their ship towards the storm; they shout: "Courage, boys! Hold that rudder fiercely, take in front of the waves. We will come forward!".
Another class of fishermen as soon as they see clouds become discouraged, begin to lament, curse their luck and demoralize their people; they shout: "What a misfortune, a storm is approaching, a tsunami, an earthquake ...! Close your eyes Do not see Throw yourself in the bottom of the boat. There's nothing to do; maybe the storm will take us to the shore! " I am a prisoner, but discouragement will never take over my spirit and I will not stop encouraging my companions. In addition to fisherman I have learned to think. And he who considers himself a thinker committed to the popular cause can not be afraid to face the truth face to face. Nor can he fear telling the world what he has seen. I have no claim to please the lackeys of bourgeois and landlords. Not the same big landowners and bourgeois. I have no problem in confessing it.
Some renegades, accompanying the worshipers of capitalism and liberal democracy like to preach to the four winds that revolutionary socialist ideas have aged. The old is capitalism and its democracy, together with the ideas that defend them.
The ideas of revolutionary socialism and the movements and people who defend them do not age, nor will they grow old while there is a bourgeoisie to overthrow, fulfilling the mandates of history; and a proletariat that will raise power and begin to establish, from it, the social regime that the historical future makes inseparable from human progress. As long as the proletarian revolution is not done, while it is clamoring to be executed, it will not be possible to speak of revolutionary, socialist, and aged Marxist ideas.
Those who yesterday preached revolution and today affirm that, in this matter things have changed, it is only because they have changed themselves. For beings whose "socialism" and whose "revolutionary" spirit are subject to fashionable currents of all colors, the world is capable of changing every twenty-four hours. Claudications! ...
Gravediggers of the proletarian struggle! Strikers of the power of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeois world, with its millions of hungry, sometimes administered by "socialists", is not the future.
All the repressive machinery of enemy forces are based on the work of ignorant uniformed thugs. Money is the one that oiled all the gears this huge machine. There is no doubt that dollars are a powerful stimulus, but it is absolutely ineffective. Bourgeois democracy has only defenders interested in their own benefit. Nothing they do for nobility. As for me and my companions, we only serve our poor compatriots.

I am interested in their living conditions, in their pains and struggles, in their hopes and desires. I live for them. I have paid my greatest attention to know well those who suffer and die in oblivion and misery. It is not only abstract knowledge that I have of the life of my people. I am one of them. And I have been in their homes. I have eaten and eat what they eat. I fight with them against the social and political power of our oppressors. I consecrate my free time in prison to study, to be more useful.
I feel both happy and proud to be on the side of the workers and the peasants. It is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I am happy because I have lived many happy hours next to my town.
And I feel proud, because with my participation in the struggle I have had the opportunity to do some justice in favor of the oppressed and slandered classes. I do not have the soul of a merchant. Only someone with the soul of a peddler could refuse their esteem and their help to the exploited and oppressed classes.
And I say once again: the interests of the bourgeoisie and the landowners are diametrically opposed to those of the workers and peasants. They need wage slaves. We modern slaves do not need them. They try incessantly to affirm the opposite, that they are the ones who keep the workers; when the truth is that they are the ones maintained by the workers. They are parasites. And these are the ones who want to make people believe that they feel the greatest sympathy for the fate of the workers! When have they worried about the poor and hard-working people? Never. Their actions belie their lying words. In spite of all that it is pleased to affirm, the dominant class does not pursue another goal, in fact, than that of enriching itself with the unpaid work of the workers of the countryside and the city. When he can not get more out of a worker he lets him die of hunger. What have they done to show that they want good, as they say? They have never paid any attention to the sufferings of the people. They have always tried to hide with mellifluous words the appalling conditions in which millions of human beings develop their lives.
Does the "free Paraguayan press" speak of the misery of many as the counterpart of the wealth of a few? Well, no. These are things that you prefer not to talk about. They prefer to cram the minds and senses of poor Paraguayans with soap operas, gossip and whatever vulgarity exists on the earth. This is the "civilized" bourgeois world. Decadent world!
There is something very rotten in the very heart of a social system that increases its wealth without diminishing its misery, and in which crimes increase even more rapidly than can be gathered from the manipulated statistics of the Government Ministries.
Surely readers have heard and read the propaganda testimonies about the growing prosperity of Paraguay. It is prosperity of a few. The misery of many springs from the abundance of a few.
I have been in prison for more than 13 years in the harshest conditions that any pressureist has ever had to endure. It would be too hateful to reproduce the paragraphs of the reports of the National Commission for the Fight against Torture dedicated to the conditions of Paraguayan prisons. These are like a kind of low-pitched pandemonium. Speaking more specifically, the stables of the ranchers seem, next to the pavilions of luxury hotels prisons. And the treatment that the quadrupeds receive is much more "human" than that which the prisoners receive. Many go crazy. And most become intoxicated with what they find. Not long ago one of them assured me that he had a vision. That the Holy Spirit made him see the future of Paraguay. He told me he saw the son of a bitch in Cartes in hell. And that the Government was of the workers. I am very far from superstitious beliefs. And I just told him: you do not have to have visions to know that this will happen.
They invented a process for kidnapping me. I have never kidnapped that drunken son of a Brazilian landlord named Arlan Fick. I could not do it. What the government is looking for is nothing more than to keep me in prison. The only kidnappings I could do are the rats and cockroaches in my cell.
They attack me. And I say: being attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing, it's a very good thing. "For us, it is bad if a person, party, army or school is not attacked by the enemy, because that means that it has descended to the level of the enemy. It is good if the enemy attacks us, because that proves that we have demarcated the fields with him. And even better if the enemy attacks us with fury and paints us black and devoid of any virtue, because it shows that not only have we delimited the fields with him, but we have achieved remarkable successes in our work. " (Note VO: This quote is from President Mao tse Tung)
They will be able to twist the laws at will and sentence me to hundreds of years of prison; but they can never break my will to fight.

Commander Oviedo.

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