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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Note before the death of Comrade Quibian

Translated from Spanish to English by Google and SJ Otto

We received with pain the news of the death of Comrade Quibian, a founding member of the Network of Communist Blogs (RBC) five years ago, as a representative of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama, a coherent and firm revolutionary in his fight for the rights of the Panamanian working class and peasant, American and international, loved and respected by theirs and their fighting partners as a brother or a father.

His commitment to peace and his dedication to the struggle for Socialism made him a teacher of Panamanian youth, an example for revolutionaries throughout America and a full-time activist for the international unity of the communist parties, from his convictions Maoists and anti-revisionists, but without falling into sectarianism or closeness, they will never be forgotten and will inspire all those who aspire, organize and fight for the end of all exploitation and the breaking of all chains.

Comrade Quibian! !Let the earth be mild! Your fight will be ours until the final victory! Up the poor of the world! Workers of the world, unite!

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