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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin comes to Wichita-family values for you and a private Jet for her.

Inviting Sarah Palin, the new diva darling of the far-right, to come and fundraise takes a bundle to make a bundle. It raises a question as to how bad Bethel Life School, of Wichita, really needs all that money to get by.
Palin was invited for a church fundraiser, but it may have been cheaper to hire a major rock band.
According to The Wichita Eagle; ticket prices to see former Alaska Gov. Palin speak at the Intrust Bank Arena on May 2 are $122, $92, $77, $52 and $37, according to the arena's web site.
The program will include a speech and a moderated question-and-answer session with Palin.
People interested in becoming a top sponsor, which includes a chance to attend the VIP photo opportunity and receiving line with Palin, may contact the sponsoring agency, the Bethel Life School of Wichita,
This is clearly an event for the well to do, not unlike a Republican Party fundraiser. Poor or working people need not apply. This is the political bourgeoisie in all its splendor.
According to an Associate Press report there are some other disturbing trends that come with a Palin fund raiser. A document fished out of a California state university trash bin last week has prompted a state investigation into the university's foundation arm and its refusal to disclose details related to Sarah Palin's upcoming speech at the school.
On Tuesday, California Attorney General Jerry Brown said his office would look into the finances of the California State University, Stanislaus Foundation, as well as allegations that the nonprofit organization violated public disclosure laws by keeping details of Palin's contract secret.
The contract detailed the former Alaska governor's requirements for her visit, including first-class flights from Anchorage to California - if she flies commercial. If not, "the private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger ...," the contract specifies.
Palin also must be provided with a suite and two single rooms in a deluxe hotel near the campus in Turlock in the Central Valley. During her speech, her lectern must be stocked with two water bottles and bendable straws.
The document, dated March 16, does not include compensation details for Palin, who commands speaking fees as high as $100,000. Her appearance at the university gala is expected to draw a large crowd, with tickets selling for $500 each.
Similar demands have been made for Palin’s visit to Wichita. She intends to travel to Wichita in a private jet, with plenty of bottled water and she will be put up in one of Wichita’s finest hotels. This is in contrast to the working class Tea Baggers and the soccer moms she supposedly represents.
The one group that should have been quick to raise these issues is the local Democrat Party. Instead they wimped out by claiming they wouldn’t interfere in a fundraiser for a church. According to The Wichita Eagle:
Leaders of the Bethel Life School in Wichita opened a news conference today by thanking Sedgwick County Democratic Party leadership for keeping its cool over the school’s decision to bring in former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin to speak at a fundraiser.
“I … want to say a personal thanks to Sedgwick County leader, Democrat Kelly Johnston,” said Ted Barney, president of the Bethel Life School Association. “I appreciate his words in response to the paper that he understands this is a fundraiser and a fundraiser only and not a political event. I want to say a personal thanks to him for understanding that.”
For the Democrats this is a copout. Bethel Life has make a clear political choice in inviting a member of the far+-right and promoter of the Tea Party. A religion that aligns itself with such politics is a political action group and not simply a religion. They do not deserve the respect of an ordinary church school. This school clearly represents the interests of big business and does not respect the common working people. This visit should be protested and Bethel Life school does not deserve the support or respect it is trying to get. The Democrats have sold us out once again.

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Montana said...

Almost daily we listen to her trash talk (she is in the league with Quayle and “W”), all thanks to the man who now claims that he never called himself a maverick, McCain, right, tell us another. She spends her days trash talking it is only fitting that someone found a great place for her contract. I guess some dumpster diving found it, All’s Well That Ends Well.