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Monday, December 12, 2011

From Maoist Communist Party of Manipur-MCP

Dear Comrades,

Maoist Communist Party of Manipur-MCP is a newly establish party in Manipur as a part of world proletarian revolution. A 32 years old group of youths led the party and most of the cadre’s are under 26 years. We faced lots of challenges from the reactionary arms gangs sponsored by state and National reactionary Government or its armed forces.  We believed that we are very new if you compare with others Maoist parties. We start our journey only from 2009 last month by founding a group called Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP-Maoist). In Manipur there is another old group called Kangleipak Communist Party and its fractions but we were never a part of old KCP’s but we the energetic youths of Manipur founded Kangleipak Communist Party Maoist (KCP Maoist) as a new party in Manipur. That was the demand of the then political condition of Manipur. We had known this process as a political step to the formation of Maoist party in the concrete condition of contemporary Manipuri society.

That was our pleasure that we have met Comrade Polas from Bangladesh at somewhere of North East Part of India and we unanimously agreed to have a fraternal relationship between the two party and also to start a new process by forming New Coordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organization of South Asia. We firmly accept that we have no such enough knowledge of International communist movement at the time of the formation of NCCOMPOSA.  We declared the joint statement accordingly. That was in the late 2010.

As a part of process we hold its first Political Conference and adopted our political program and resolved to change the name of the party as Maoist Communist Party of Manipur. This is also the demands of the present political condition of Manipur. We also thank all the comrades who extend support in terms of literature based on Marxism, Leninism and Maoism to us. We are now having a genuine revolutionary party based on MLM. Even though we deserved that we need more study about world proletarian revolution.

We now would like to share about the present situation of Maoist movement in Manipur. Everyone knows about the political and military strategies and strength of the Indian Reactionary armed forces. We hope that we need to inform you more what exactly happening in Manipur. We have only 1.9 Million indigenous people and Seven Lakhs (800000) Indian population in Manipur. The reactionary India has deployed 80,000 Indian Armed Forces and around about 40,000 states armed forces to suppress 1.9 Million indigenous population of Manipur. It seems like 1 armed personnel for every 12 indigenous people and also one security post at every 4 Kilometer. On the other hand there has been prolonging national liberation movement for liberation Manipur.  There is also peoples’ movement against human rights violation. Indian colonialist cultivate ethnic base gangs in organized manner with the help of communal based politicians and arming them to subordinate the Indian reactionary armed forces. It helps there sustained in Manipur and make divide the unity of indigenous population. Indian Army has killed more than 10,000 youths in last 3 decades of national liberation violence. People have been brutalized by the Indian army in the name of Counter Insurgency. It is very difficult to organize the people for a new democratic revolution in Manipur.

Finally, we had read most of the literature of Peruvian movement, Indian Maoist Movement, Nepal Maoist Movement and Bangladesh and we adopted our political program based on the experiences of above mentioned movements which are applicable in the concrete conditions of Manipur. Everyone will be surprise when you all come to know that you can’t find any revolutionary literature at Manipur where prolong national liberation movement is going on. The high and middle class family enjoy study at the other part of India but we the proletariat only confine in Manipur where there is no proper schooling in Government schools. There are lots of Private schools but we can’t afford. We do not have railway connection with India’s states. Manipur was such a state where Government of India does not allow any international community to visit Manipur without a special permission from the Ministry of Home affairs. Recently the permit system has been removed for one year. Yes it’s a dark and deeply brutalized colonial corner of the world. 

We are from such a oppress state. We the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur belongs to such oppress section of people. Is it wrong for such kind of people to be Maoist?

Now, we have lots of achievement in terms of Political offensive. We have our party unit at six Districts out of total Nine Districts in Manipur. We have secret relation with the other’s Manipuri National Liberation group and they are really appreciated our way of political movement. We have established our own frontal organization and its offices at the capital of the state and they are working properly. Manipur Media house is very much in favor of us. Now we have Revolutionary Women group, Revolutionary Youth Front, Peasant Front, Workers Union and we are going to form a new group called Village Red Guard as a part of our militia group of our party. The preparation is almost and the world will see our red guards with arms at every village of Manipur within a couple of days. 
Even though we have a lots of challenges from various arm gangs which are cultivated by the Indian reactionary class. So where there is our party unit, all the cadres are also make them prepare for fighting with the reactionary armed gangs.
Yours Comradely,
Comrade Sharad,
Maoist Communist Party, Manipur.

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