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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Italy has its own version of an Occupy movement

A Google translation;

Thursday, March 1, 2012March 1 pc –
Extraordinary mobilization across the country, parades, blockmobilization in turinLA LIVE20:32 - Locked in the highway A 32 ValsusaThe procession of demonstrators No Tav has diverted its path back to block A 32. The police, who presided over the release of Chianocco, was traced on the highway to check the new initiative of the protesters
20:27 The Porta Nuova train station is reached from the rest of the parade, which has about three hundred activists. The bulk of the demonstrators occupied the track 17, which is scheduled to leave for a Eurostar
20:20 A small group of No Tav, the head of the procession that was articulated through the streets of downtown Turin, has reached the railway station Porta Nuova and after a run to the docks has succeeded in placing on the tracks blocking the departure of a train that was already set in motion.
20:18 Protesters have reached Porta Nuova, which is unmanned perhaps by the order.
20.12 A Bussoleno are moving two groups. One, with families and children, will travel in procession to the village of Bussoleno. The second is to block a point of a road.
20.10 "We have to resist, we must make them all mad." He said the meeting No Tav leader Alberto Perino, noting that "at this moment there are blocks in 70 Italian cities." "The chancellors - said - said, 'Everyone in the house, the TGV is done and this is the deal.' We have rejected the compensation already 20 years ago, maybe she does not know."
20.05 In all interventidell'assemblea Bussoleno was reiterated its call for the mobilization continues. "Yesterday - Lele Rizzo said of the center of Turin Askatasuna - told us that there is none, try to scare us. But we have big chances: we are strong, very strong. And Cota (governor of Piedmont, ed) that wants to know who financially supports, say that we do not pay anyone And the real goal is to give birth to many of the Susa Valley. "
19:39 New hacker attack by Anonymous in support of the No Tav movement after locking in recent days, the police and police sites, the hackers have made it impossible to connect to the sites of the Piedmont Region, Province and Municipality of Turin. The action was revived by activists and supporters of the No Tav twitter and other social networks.
19:38 After stopping at intervals of 5 minutes, the entry and exit lanes of the exit of the highway for over an hour, the demonstrators started to freeze over France, the main road connecting Turin to Rivoli, in both directions of travel. The activists were strongly contested by motorists, who responded to the block honking and shouting insults.
19:29 Two hundred No Tav are directed to the station of Porta Nuova. The intention of the demonstrators would be to perform an action on the track.
19:20 A group of fifty No TAV continues blocking the Turin ring road at the entrance of the village Cascine Vica Rivoli, France at the end of the course. "We block the entrance and exit of the bypass," said a protester. "We explain to motorists who may lose ten minutes to understand our reasons. Someone plays, someone will stop and someone insults us."
19.05 E 'started the event with about five hundred Bussoleno movement activists. The committees have decided to talk to the streets and not in the multipurpose center as it was organized.
18:58 No Tav Activists who gathered outside the headquarters of the RAI in Via Verdi blocked traffic routes around and now we are heading towards Piazza Vittorio Po via either blocking
18:47 'The government's much talk of confrontation but so far have only got diktat. And 'the Nile Durbiano comment, Mayor of Venaus the outcome of the meeting in Rome today. "If you really want to live up to the words - he adds - Today was supposed to invite to the meeting, the mayors of the valley and the mountain community. For three years the mountain community and administrators are no longer 'invited in any policy-based institution. And' Ministerial Monitoring is a technical body which in recent years plays a political role that does not belong. "
18:32 A hundred people gathered outside the headquarters in Via Verdi Rai in Turin. They are currently blocking traffic on a street in Rossini and Verdi, with the bins. No Tav waving flags and flags of the Critical Left and the Communist Refounding. The garrison had been announced already this morning.
18:30 Around thirty activists from the No Tav movement has blocked the release of the ring road of Corso Francia in Turin, in the town of Rivoli. The protesters are handing out leaflets to motorists.The initiative is repeated for the third consecutive day.
18:26 "I applaud the decision, taken during the summit meeting between the Minister, Clerks to the Interior Ministry and local institutions, to reaffirm that the completion of the work is not in question, cos' as a settlement can not be blocking the works" It is what it says Gherzi Joseph, director of the Industrial Union of Turin, who adds: "What has been created is an intolerable situation of overt illegality, which should be resolved as soon as possible and made stable over time." Gherzi detects it as "the tension of these days is creating much alarm among the firms, not only in Piedmont: there are countless requests we have received help from entrepreneurs in distress.
18.07 E 'already very busy with the other activists organized the No Tav assembly of multi-purpose center Bussoleno. At least six hundred people gathered to discuss pending beginning your future mobilizations. Last night in a similar meeting attended by at least two thousand No Tav has discussed possible blocks throughout Italy and a great event for Saturday. After days of block highways and traffic circulation in the valley at the junction of Highway Chianocco is manned by perhaps the order and apparently impregnable.
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