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Monday, September 26, 2016

PERU: The historic speech of Comrade President Gonzalo

From Bright Future/ Luminoso futuro:
A Google Translation:

"So, things, think of the danger that the nation, the country can be divided, that the nation is at risk, want to dismember it, they want to divide it, who wants to do that? As always, imperialism, those who exploit, those who rule. what should we do? what ?. well now up appropriate that we push the popular Liberation Movement and that we develop it in people's war because the people, always the people who has defended the country, who have defended the nation. it is form the People's Liberation Front, to form and develop from Guerrilla Army a People's Liberation Army that's what corresponding! and we will do us! and so are you doing and that what we do! you. will witness gentlemen. "
(The Speech by President Gonzalo, 1992)
In celebration of the XXIV anniversary of Speech by President Gonzalo, full of optimism that belongs to our class, we express our communist greetings to all international proletariat, the oppressed peoples and communists and revolutionaries of the world. We call the communists of the world to take up the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership as a combat weapon, to study and implement the issues raised in this speech - as well as other contributions of Chairman Gonzalo - to assume the role of the Communist Parties: to initiate and develop people 's war in each country to democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions until our final goal Communism, and take urgent tasks in the current situation; directing the wars of national liberation, converting the unjust wars in just wars, and forge the Parties to develop the world people 's war against the imperialist world war and not lay down their arms until communism never. We salute all militants, combatants and heroic masses who are giving their lives in the people 's wars and armed struggles under the red flag of Maoism in Peru, India, the Philippines, Turkey and elsewhere. Also, we reaffirm REQUIRE PUBLIC PRESENTATION LIVE AND DIRECT THE CHAIRMAN GONZALO AND THAT ALLOW YOU TO DECIDE! And our call to unmask and crush the plans and hoaxes of imperialism, reaction and revisionism of defaming and murder our headquarters.  
President Gonzalo raised in the speech: "Today reality is one, the same contenders of the First and Second World War, are generating are preparing a new Third World War" . Today we see that the process of redivision of the world is already underway, and that all the imperialists - in the midst of his increasingly heightened conflict - collude in their general counterrevolutionary offensive to desperately try to prevent their exploitation and their genocidal wars of prey generate more resistance, more revolution. So the hegemonic superpower Yankee and European powers, Russian imperialism and Chinese imperialism used all kinds of national, religious and social contradictions to put masses against masses, to manipulate national liberation movements like chess pieces to create " guerrilla movements that are usurped by the superpowers or powers to become occupation forces and dominate them " (international line, PCP 1988).   
In short, they need the imperialist bloodsuckers, now in its general and final crisis, to make these counterrevolutionary objectives is to prevent the proletariat through its Communist Parties assume the leadership of the national liberation struggles. It is a reactionary task that after all means to fight the ideology of the proletariat Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; prevent Maoism pass to lead the new great wave of world proletarian revolution. Hence the necessity of imperialism and reaction to spread revisionism - and especially a new revisionism under the heading of "Maoism" - to undermine the International Communist Movement and the Communist Parties. Hence the need to attack the Communist Party of Peru and Leadership Chairman Gonzalo with the old revisionists tales of the "cult of personality", "dogmatism" etc.
See for example as US imperialism is striving to rein in the development and triumph of the people's wars in India, Nepal and the Philippines, strategic areas allowing you to watch his back to advance on China and Russia. See how the US imperialists, Russian, European and Chinese handled States and bourgeois and feudal armed movements in the Middle East and throughout the third world to carry out their war-sharing, and like groups led by revisionism end up being used by one or the other superpower or imperialist power like the Kurds in Iraq and Syria; the imperialists need to control weight mass organizations and avert the triumph of the revolution.
In the imperialist countries the reactionary states now increasingly applied fascism and have all kinds of groups and fascist, racist, social-chauvinists and revisionists to reinforce the imperialist rear depending on the division of the world parties; intensifying repression against the proletariat is rising in heroic struggles - as now in Paris against the reactionary labor law - calling for the direction you need. There too, the imperialists are desperately seeking to prevent Communist Parties are rebuilt and militarize to lead the struggles start depending on the people's war, and there also spread all kinds of revisionism and parliamentary cretinism for this purpose.  
Take into account the provisions of the International Date Line of our Party in 1988 to apply to the current situation:
"The need to see the contradictions serves to analyze the world situation and define its strategy and tactics and within strategic and conflict zones. Today the hottest spots are Southeast Asia where the struggle in Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea is a point focus of immense strategic region of Asia, a region of high concentration of masses for example India that if they had sufficiently developed Communist Parties serve mightily to the advancement of the revolution. Middle East, high oil center, where there is also an acute contest between the superpowers and powers linked to the question of the near East and to nationalist and even reactionary movements. South Africa where there are guerrilla movements that are usurped by the superpowers or powers to become occupation forces and dominate them . Latin America, important struggles in Central America (Nicaragua and El Salvador) and the explosiveness of the Antilles (Haiti, etc.). And the people 's war in Peru, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought fighting for an authentic democratic revolution without submitting to any superpower or power. And Europe where persistent anti - imperialists military actions are developed, being necessary to study the ideology and politics that sustains them , the class to which they serve, its connection with the ideology of the proletariat and its role in the world proletarian revolution, as its position on modern revisionism; movements that express the existence of a revolutionary situation in uneven development in Europe. In any of these spots could jump the spark to an imperialist world war is on, a situation that will occur when the strategic superiority of one of the superpowers is defined , so it is increasingly urgent and imperative to have communist parties based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and forgings and popular war through their militarization. Strategically define the zones of primary and secondary importance to the world revolution is key to establishing the role to be fulfilled by each region and each party in the world revolution. " (International Line, PCP 1988) [The italics] 
Faced with all this, the Communists of the world must be firm in uphold, defend and apply our universal ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and combat revisionism relentlessly to ensure the hegemony of the proletariat as the leading cultural kind of democratic revolutions, socialist and. We call on all Communist Parties to combat revisionism as the main danger, and see that it is precisely the revisionism that spread capitulation, which wants to sell the revolution for a mess of pottage, leading to the degeneration of the parties. Crush positions and revisionist lines, raise your head against each jump on the revolutionary road, it is essential to build the Party, the Army and the United Front - with complete ideological independence, political and economic - and to initiate and develop people 's war. And as for the front, we reaffirm that should be a front for the People 's War, a front of classes, and "We are absolutely opposed to the revisionist theory applied in Central America, and want to spread to other parts of 'all are revolutionary ',' all are Marxists', 'no need for the Communist Party to lead', 'just enough to unite all and based on a front to lead a revolution', that is the negation of Marxism, is the negation of Marx, is denial of Lenin, is the negation of Chairman Mao " (the interview with President Gonzalo)  
We greet you once again to our class international proletariat and the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations who today celebrate together with us the anniversary of the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, and we reaffirm our commitment to implement it as a weapon:
"Enough of imperialist exploitation! We must kill them! We are the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, on one condition, that the Communist Parties brandish and lead. It's what to do! "



Peru People 's Movement September 24, 2016

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