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Friday, February 24, 2017

Communiqué of the Romanian Socialist Party (PSR): Corruption in Romania is the result of 27 years of capitalism

From this statement we see the real essence of western democracy when it comes to Eastern Europe. They banned the communist party. They ban communism all together. That is the western way to promote democracy. Some ideas are just too dangerous for this government. -សតិវ​អតុ


The Romanian Socialist Party (PSR), which is considered to be heir to the Romanian Communist Party even though Romanian fascist legislation does not allow it to be named in the Political Parties Registry, has issued a new communiqué regarding the anti-corruption and anti-partisan protests Which have taken place in Romania in recent weeks, pointing out the real cause of corruption against which we must protest and fight: the 27 years of capitalism imposed on the Romanian people.

Translated to English from Google:

 The Romanian Socialist Party believes that the demonstrations against the Grindeanu Government have been carried out at an untimely and unjustified time, but since they have begun, he believes that the demonstrators should continue with the fight against corruption, real corruption, and not as an excuse For other purposes as it has been so far.

The reality is that corruption exists and that we must act without interruption against the corrupt.

It should be borne in mind, however, that at least 80% of corruption crimes are guilty by the prosecutors themselves, along with the information services which, at the request of their leaders, have manifested and, unfortunately, continue to show a passivity Condemnable to those who have administered and fraudulently administer the affairs of state units, institutions and authorities. The Romanian Socialist Party believes that justice must be exercised by competent, honest and independent persons who have the capacity and willingness to be impartial.

 All Governments that, after 1989, have passed through the Plaza Victoria Palace are guilty of an incompetent and fraudulent administration of public affairs. The Romanian Socialist Party warns the rulers and all other senior officials that, sooner or later, they will have to pay the bill for all their acts against the law.

 Similarly, the Romanian Parliament is also guilty of for 27 years. Adopt a dark, ambiguous legislation and in a continuous change, legislation generating and permissive with corruption. The RSP reminds parliamentarians that the law must be clear, stable, fair and equal for all, it must provide for personal security, property security and fundamental rights, and the process by which they are created and implemented. To be accessible, equitable and efficient.

It is an extremely important fault that Parliament has never set out to manifest itself as the first power of the state, of a sovereign, independent and prosperous state.

For the PSR it is evident that this unpleasant situation has been possible as a result of the fact that in the last 27 years, too many incompetent, impostors, offenders and, worse still, traitors have come to the government functions of the highest state institutions. To the Romanian people.

Considering that the time has come to say BASTA to the looting of public assets at the discretion of the state administration, the RDP reminds all Romanians that they are co-owners of the national wealth and they, the Romanians, must learn Manifest themselves as such, as the owners who make the decisions, and not others.

Consequently, the Romanian Socialist Party asks all voters to call on the parliamentarians whom they have elected to hold them accountable for their work as legislators. They must also behave with the rest of the high-ranking state, prime minister, ministers, parliamentarians, directors of institutions and units and all state authorities who, as administrators, have to assume responsibility for their actions Of incompetent and fraudulent management.

15. 02. 2017
Biroul Executiv Central
Al Partidului Socialist Român

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