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Sunday, February 26, 2017

ITALY- Demonstrations against the G-7 imperialist summit in Taormina, called the Maoist PC.

Against the summit of the G7 in Taormina!
Outside the fascist-imperialist Trump of Italy!
Destroy the showcase of imperialism and ... do not sleep easy!
From  Red Dazibao:

Translated from Spanish to English, from Google:

The G7 (United States, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada) will meet on 26 and 27 May in Taormina, Sicily, to discuss their "agenda" which formally includes Discussion of the "hot" problems in the world.
Sicily has not been chosen, being located in the center of the Mediterranean, and increasingly in the last decades has acquired a strategic position for the imperialist countries that want and need to control the entire hot area of ​​countries bordering this sea, New cemetery of the towns; These countries are increasingly one of the centers of the storm of clash between the imperialist centers and the oppressed countries and the tendency to inter-imperialist war, in this historical moment of economic crisis Mondale.
A decade that has disrupted the face of the earth, a decade in which contradictions have become even stronger and more inextricable, and within each imperialist country, the path of modern fascism has accelerated. Choosing Trump in the US Is part and stage of this acceleration.
Sicily, along the whole of southern Italy, has become a large military platform full of conventional and nuclear weapons, military bases such as Sigonella, civilian airports transformed into military ones, such as Trapani and Palermo, Control of military telecommunications such as Marsala radar and Niscemi's MUOS.
An island of arms, of death and destruction where they perform actions of war with and without drones.
In Taormina's G7, as well as in other summits, imperialist countries measure from time to time their contrasts and balance of power in the unrestricted race for a new division of the world, congenital and structural, and imperialism, in which each imperialism He tries to get the most out of himself.
The G-7 in Taormina, as demanded by Italian imperialism, has been wanted and organized by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, to crown the achievements of his government at the world level, and above all, as the new head of Government, Gentiloni in his servile and shameful call to Trump, to obtain the consecration of the country guide in the handling of the crisis in the area, particularly in Libya. Hence comes the endless migration produced by the wars of aggression and growing poverty. Imperialism is war! The imperialism before creates the conditions and then uses the wave of migrants to build a racist consensus around their governments and their policies! The real "populism" is that of the governments that throughout the world try to unite the masses to their own plans and interests.
This G7 in May is the first important trip of the fascist-imperialist Trump, therefore, we have to make the voice of the proletarian and popular opposition, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist of our country.
This opposition faces all those in the United States. And many countries around the world are protesting against Trump.
In this G7 Trump wants to preserve and extend all the bases of EE. UU. And NATO, but he wants the imperialist governments to pay them, and they are going to lower these expenses even more on the proletarians and the peoples, and reduce the work and social services.
Let us construct together a large and combative demonstration against Trump, against the G-7, against Italian imperialism, against imperialist aggression in Libya, in solidarity with workers and peoples in struggle, in support of migrants for the reception, freedom of Movement, for the closure of all NATO bases, for the closure of the detention centers for migrants, CIE, CARA HOTSPOT.

Proletari comunisti / PCm Italy  
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