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Friday, August 09, 2019

India- A major leftist campaign is countering the growing fascism of the government

By Harsh Thakor 

With the repealing of acts 370 and 35 A ,a new epoch has been written in the history of Indian proto- fascism of the Saffron Hindutva variety and has paved the way for it to reach its boiling point. Whatever remnants of parliamentary democracy remaining in Kashmir have been crushed to the dust. Nevertheless many parts of India still reverberate the echoes of resistance with Punjab leading the road. No democratic procedure or norms were followed in revoking the laws .No member of the Kashmir Constituent assembly was consulted or had its approval which was unconstitutional. It is not an attack only on the people of Kashmir but an attack on the democratic rights of the minorities in India a s a whole and on the federal structure of India. The people of Kashmir are facing tyranny as never before toady with total curfew and suspension under section 144 of all liberties and media communication. Such an act of the BJP is a perfect illustration of how it is removing every needle in the haystack to permeate Hindutva in every sphere of society and bang every possible nail in the coffin to beak the backbone of constitutional democracy. Fascism has reached a crescendo as never before since 1947 with such a ban.
Nehru had signed a plebiscite to withdraw Indian troops in 1952 adhering to leader Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh Abdullah only wanted the protection of the Indian army from Pakistani tribal invaders and was assure that the Indian troops would vacate in 1952.
For decades the people of Kashmir even under Congress rule were subjugated to untold humiliation through regular army or police patrols and attacks on activists demanding self -determination. I remember how from 1990 itself great repression was unleashed from the time of Janata Dal rule itself and then the Congress. Even when returning to power in 2004-14 the Congress endorsed all attacks on the Kashmiri right to self-determination.
Committee of Democratic Rights Organizations states "Article 370 clearly states that this article can only cease to be operative based on the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of Kashmir. As the Constituent Assembly of Kashmir ceased it exist in 1957, Article 370 came to be considered as a permanent part of the Constitution, which was supported by multiple judgments of the Supreme Court. The BJP government has committed multiple frauds on the Constitution by its Presidential Order, which purports to amend Article 367, and unrelated section of the Constitution, by adding a new clause which redefines the Constituent Assembly of the state at its Legislative Assembly."

Quoting part of article in online journal Peoples Review "Article 370 of the Indian Constitution had allowed Jammu & Kashmir to enjoy autonomy, although cosmetic, to have its own Constitution, flag and penal code within the Union of India. The Article 370 was the foundation of the Article of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the former monarch of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, in October 1947, through which India became the custodian of the autonomous state, responsible for its defense, foreign affairs and communications. The Indian government under Lord Mountbatten promised the Maharaja a plebiscite in the future to determine whether the people of Kashmir want to live in Indian Union, merge with Pakistan or secede as an independent nation.

Through the Article 35A, which was adopted due to Article 370 and the Instrument of Accession, the Constitution Assembly of Jammu & Kashmir, which was later named the legislative assembly, enjoyed the exclusive rights to define who is a “permanent resident”. Alike many inner-line permits required to travel in India’s northeastern parts, alike the restriction imposed on purchase of land and property by outsiders in hill states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim, the Article 35A guarded the state from influx of outsiders.

The state of Punjab has been engulfed with a series of demonstrations lighting the spark of resistance against the repealing of laws 370 and 35.Groups belonging to all sections of the revolutionary camp vociferously condemning the robbing of Kashmir people of their just right to self-determination and summed up the fascist nature of the repealing of such acts. With meticulous precision and clarity they narrated the history of Kashmir from 1947 explaining how morally it was not an integral part of India or Pakistan. Nehru had signed a plebiscite to withdraw Indian troops in 1952 adhering to leader Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh Abdullah only wanted the protection of the Indian army from Pakistani tribal invaders and was assure that the Indian troops would vacate in 1952. Slogans were raised highlighting how fascist such abolition was and for re-instating the laws as well as against Hindutva fascism as a whole. Such an act of the BJP is a perfect illustration of how it is removing every needle in the haystack to permeate Hindutva in every sphere of society and bang every possible nail in the coffin to beak the backbone of constitutional democracy. Fascism has reached a crescendo as never before since 1947 with such a ban.

The most significant protest was the joint demonstration in Sangrur by Lok Sangram Manch, Revolutionary Peoples Front and Zameen Prapt Sangharsh Commitee. Here speakers emphasized that it was emergency declared in Kashmir and paving the way for India becoming a fascist state. Around 100 persons attended it Addressed by Lal Singh Golwala, Sukhwinder Kaur and Gurmukh Singh. Gurmukh Singh summed up why it was just like declaring emergency. Golwala spoke about how this was violation of the treaty of Secession for the Kashmiri people completely betraying promises given to them.

The largest student demonstration took place by a joint front in Punjabi University representing many section of the revolutionary camp like PSU,PSU(Lalkaar), AISA, SFS, SFI etc. Around 150 persons attended it.

Lok Morcha Punjab held a protest in Bathinda of around 50 persons. On August 7th.which boosted the morale of democratic forces being a democratic revolutionary platform.

Kisan Morcha held a protest in Longowal village in Sangrur on 7th August of around 200 people.which include a cycle rally and sit in.Joined by Pendu Mazdoor union. Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union, Bhagat Singh Association. Very impressive enthusiasm by the peasantry and youth here.

Punjab Radical Students Union organized a protest rally outside Ranbir college in Sangrur on 6th August of about 50 persons .Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union also held a protest which was disrupted by the police in the same area.

C.P.I.(M.L.)New Democracy organized a protest in Sangrur on 6th August of about 100 people.Punjab Students Union protested in -Ropar Nangal,Guru Nanak college road,Brijindra College Faridkot,-,Fazilka college.Around 25-50 persons attended these meetings but most attentive and intense response with untold determination.

Punjab Students Union(Shaheed Randhawa) led a protest meeting on August 6th in Gudda village in Bathinda of about 50 people .

Democratic Students Organization organized a march in Patiala as well as Students for Society in campus pockets..

Punjabi Revolutionary journal Surkh Leeh has put up several posts narrating the historical aspect of the movement of Kashmiri people to secede and analytically covered the fascist nature of the scrapping of the acts.

Even if numbers were not so large qualitatively they were very effective in illuminating the torch of liberation from the darkness of fascsim unleashed on the people of Kashmir.The strong mass political movement had a strong bearing on the impact and success of youth protests in Punjab.Great emphasis was laid on creating political conscious ness on the aspect of Kashmir in relation to aspect of fascism overall.

In Mumbai the traditional left parties and Ambedkarist groups organized a demonstration of around 300 persons at Azad Maidan condemning the fascist oppression in Kashmir and vociferously defended Pandit Nehru keeping clause 370 even if he did not withdraw the army. Thus left parties differentiated between the fascist nature of the Bharatiya Janat Party in contrast to the neo-liberal policies of Nehru. There was a significant counter exchange between a participant and an observer with the latter ultimately coming to some understanding of the reality. Generally the crowds were impartial and willing to give the speakers a hearing, which is positive, in one of the most communalized bastions of our country which is Mumbai.

In Telengana activists of Virasam, Communist Party India Marxist-Leninist (CPIML -New Democracy) and C.P.I.(M.L.) protected but hundreds were taken into police custody.

In Delhi left parties and mass organizations launched a strong protest. Statements have been issue by C.P.I.(M.L) New Democracy, C..P.I.(M.L.), C.P.I.M.L.(Red Star), Lok Morcha, Punjab and many other left groups. Very significant to se such unanimity in condemning the communal Fascism by BJP in Kashmir. which is instrumental in building the broader movement against Fascism. Two joint public meetings in protest of 3 Marxist Leninist groups is planned in Kolkata later this month. The Democratic Students Union is also holding a public meeting today on College campus while a public meting of several groups is being held at the press club.

Significant that now we face a different situation than under Oppressive Congress regimes with Fascism formalized under the BJP. There was strong military repression under the past Congress regimes on the Kashmiri people with no moral autonomy given as promised but remnants of neo-liberalism still remained which have been totally crushed to the ground now. Revolutionary forces have to devise a strategy to counter this which is most challenging when Communal and chauvinistic hysteria has deeply penetrated and poisoned the minds of the Indian masses at a height never reached before.

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samir sardana said...

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